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Blue Blocker Reading Glasses

Coming Soon! The world’s thinnest reading glasses will soon be available as a blue-light-blocking line of computer glasses. The glasses are available with the same stylish and elegant form factor as the recently launched Frontpage Collection.
  • The glasses conform to the UV420 standard, which protects wearers from 40% of blue light emitted from electronics, such as phones and tablets.
  • ThinOptics Frontpage Collection Computer glasses come in the rectangular Brooklyn in clear and are available in a spectrum of strengths, including magnifications low enough for teenagers.
  • Blue light blocking glasses weigh 9-grams making them the lightest full-frame glasses available.
  • Glasses are paired with a 4mm aircraft aluminum case that can slip into a pocket, or attach to the back of a phone, tablet, laptop or e-reader.
  • ThinOptics Frontpage Collection Computer glasses are always with you.
Blue-light-blocking glasses will be available in March. Please submit your email address below and you’ll be the first to know when they become available.